Interior design

A+R Residence

About the project

Journey as Spaces, A+R Residence is a Residence that is designed with a different style or concept in each room as an embodiment of the journey of the Family. Material, Color and Detail exploration is very important so that each space is unique and has its own story. Contemporary Spaces everywhere, Mix-Matching Material & Textures in the process.

Special Material is used in Kids Bathroom. A custom Terrazo that glow in the dark. Serve as way-finder and great focal point in the room.

A+R Residence is a Residence with absolutely different Style per Room, truly one of a kind.

Designer Studio Kuskus
Architect Studio Kuskus
Photography Artipictures
Construction Studio Kuskus
Project Details
Size 385 sqm
Location Tangerang Selatan
Design style Kontemporer
Project duration 10 months
Year of completion 2019